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Mistakes People Are Making

Mistakes People Are Making While Trying to Lose Weight

Here is a list of mistakes that people make while losing weight. Please read below and avoid the following things to achieve your weight-loss goals. We have convenient locations to serve you in Webster and Pasadena, TX. For more information, please contact us or schedule an appointment online.

Mistakes People Are Making While Trying to Lose Weight | Primary Care Center of Clear Lake
Mistakes People Are Making While Trying to Lose Weight | Primary Care Center of Clear Lake

Skipping Breakfast
While skipping breakfast may seem like a good plan, you end up increasing the stress hormones in your body by eating at an irregular time. As a result, you may compensate with increased calorie intake in later meals.

Relying on Fat-Free Labels
The labels on these food often don’t give the complete picture of what is being eaten. To compensate for the bland taste, it may add even unhealthier artificial sweeteners.

Setting up a short-term goal
Weight loss is a process. It’s a lifestyle modification that includes dieting, exercising, sleep habits, and stress management. You cannot expect this all to happen in a day, so take your time and set a long-term goal. You won’t regret it.

Getting frustrated
One of the most common causes of diet failure is people concentrating too much on the numbers. Remember that with lifestyle changes, you’re getting healthier as well, with your immune system, weight loss, and more. 

Giving up
Lots of people have an unreasonable expectation of how fast weight loss will occur. Remember that 4-8 lbs per month is decent weight loss and sustainable,

Following Fad diets
Not all diets are equal, and it depends. Do not be tempted by clickbait titles as there are many factors that play into weight loss more than “CLICK HERE FOR 50  POUNDS GONE”. Sit down with a doctor to find out the best plan for you.

Getting Stressed
Stress plays a huge role in your hormone system. How you manage your stress has a lot to do with your behavior, the choices you make, and especially on the path to a healthier life.

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